Bubble Football

Bubble Football
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  • Varighed: 1 Timer (Ca.)
  • Sted: Barcelona
  • Produkt kode: PQT1LA

Balls, bubbles and bibs

The venue/pitch

A referee

60 minutes of bubble football

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Private return transfers.

A good old fashioned game of football is a great addition to any holiday. It’s even better in Barcelona, a city so obsessed with football that the team’s crest is in one of the stained-glass windows of a church (it’s true, look it up!). While you can also book to play regular 5 or 7-a-side football, Bubble Football brings something different and dynamic to the game.

What is Bubble Football?

We’re glad you asked. The rules are pretty much the same as regular football: there are two teams, there’s a referee and the aim is to score more goals that the other team. However, rather than getting into fancy, expensive football kits, you’ll slip into a giant bubble! And we don’t mean a figurative bubble of intense concentration; this is a literal plastic bubble.


Both teams slip into snug bubble suits which cover players from head to knees. When the whistle blows its GAME ON!  You will be bouncing and bumping into each other while trying to kick the ball in the back of the net for your team. Pretend you’re playing at Camp Nou with bubble Messi and bubble Suarez. Tackles, passes and strikes have never been so much fun – or so challenging – as in a game of Bubble Football.

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